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WordPress Semarang Community’s Website Got Theme Switch to Twenty Twenty

Year’s early January may be a good time to kick a bunch of new plans off. New year’s holidays have given a lot of joy and spirit; and it remains until the second or third week of January, which drives motivating atmosphere. 

With this positive energy, Semarang WordPress Community hope that future WordPress Meetups and other related activities in 2020 will be more lively and meaningful. Very first milestone to do is to give a new touch to the official community’s website — which is located at — with fresher look and more organized content. 

Starting today, will be using Twenty Twenty WordPress theme. Twenty Twenty is the default theme in the latest version of WordPress. We feel this theme is the most suitable, because we always ensure our site stays updated and follow the latest trend. As well as the modern editor of Gutenberg is increasingly more usable, provides powerful blocks and ease solution to manage and design the post’s content at the same time.

It seems now is the right time to make adjustments to block-based content offered by Gutenberg. And Twenty Twenty is made specifically for the Gutenberg experience. Besides well-crafted design (especially on header, navigation and footer), the font size and default typography are also good pairing. However we want something different to show off unique characteristics of the Semarang WordPress Community. So we made a few design adjustments as follows:




Before doing so, we enabled “coming-soon” mode to avoid visitors got confused of something missordered or even got error while we’re working on it.

We hope you like this theme switch and let me know your thought in the comments.

Tegal (Central Java). January 10, 2020

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