WooCommerce Side Cart

If you have basic WooCommerce store setup, you will have a “View Cart” button to prompt customer navigate to the cart page after adding a product. However, there is another option that will quickly engage customer to see what he is having in the cart. It will surely benefit to improve shopping experience. But, it is currently not available as default option. Luckily, the WooCommerce Side Cart plugin will be helping you to easily implement an easy to access and interactive cart.

As the name states, WooCommerce Side Cart adds a site wide basket icon that displays the number of products in the cart. Customer can see all the cart items directly from the side cart as a product added. Removing items can be done from the same place without the browser refreshes. Moreover, plugin has ajax add to cart feature on single product pages too. Also, the plugin comes with an option to control the cart icon visibility on specific pages.

Let’s take a quick look on how the plugin works.

In my personal opinion, this is a must-have plugin for store owners.

Other WooCommerce Side Cart features that only available in the pro version include:

  • Enable update quantity from the side cart
  • Show/hide Apply Coupons form
  • Show/hide shipping
  • Show/hide Cross-Sells / Up-Sells / Related Products
  • Header menu shortcode (use anywhere)
  • Custom basket icon
  • Hide basket when empty
  • Fly to cart animation
  • Extra styling options

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