Berkontribusi ke WordPress Memberi Saya Kemudahan Mendapatkan Pekerjaan

Saya menggunakan WordPress sejak tahun 2009. Itulah permulaan saya mulai belajar coding WordPress. Saya mulai dengan modifikasi CSS sebuah tema, bermain dengan functions, hingga membuat plugin.

Saya belajar secara otodidak. E-book pertama tentang WordPress development yang saya baca waktu itu adalah “So You Want to be WordPress Developer Rockstar?” yang ditulis oleh Adii Pienaar, founder WooThemes.

WordPress Release

I Did Contribution to WordPress 5.4

Twenty Twenty

WordPress Semarang Community’s Website Got Theme Switch to Twenty Twenty

Year’s early January may be a good time to kick a bunch of new plans off. New year’s holidays have given a lot of joy and spirit; and it remains until the second or third week of January, which drives motivating atmosphere. 

With this positive energy, Semarang WordPress Community hope that future WordPress Meetups and other related activities in 2020 will be more lively and meaningful. Very first milestone to do is to give a new touch to the official community’s website — which is located at — with fresher look and more organized content. 


What Have I Been Learning from Contributing to WordPress Translation?

Before I elaborate what I have been learning for contributing in translating WordPress, first, I need to explain that I am not the one who translate WordPress as a whole. Translating WordPress is a collective effort from many contributors who have been spending their time with high dedication to translate word by word in the WordPress core. Some contributors were working individually, other else were bonding and working collaboratively in polyglot (poliglot in Bahasa Indonesia) team of WordPress Indonesia Community. I participated as a poliglot team contributor. I invite you to join the team. Visit this link to get started.