Sydney 1.47 Switches to Elementor

Probably it had been a log wait until we really saw Elementor plugin could gain more user adoption compared to its competitor, SiteOrigin’s.¬†Until now Elementor’s active installation reported on the .org statistics reached a million and more.

Active installations of Elementor

Page Builder by SiteOrigin also has 1+ million active installations, whereas it was born prior to Elementor. SiteOrigin’s install growth rate also appears to be declining — nearly touch 0%.

Install growth of Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Elementor seems going to be a bit better. Besides developer community looks likely more interested to Elementor instead. It’s indicated by growing number of developers who get involved.

Install growth of Elementor

Moreover users community of Elementor on its Facebook page gained ten times more than SiteOrigin’s as seen on the below screenshot. Left is Elementor’s. Right is SiteOrigin’s.

As data proved, in the mid of 2018, Sydney got major update on its code base. All sections in the home page which mostly contains dynamic widget — like Services, Employees and Projects — are altered with Elementor’s block system. It’s resulting that custom post types of Sydney Toolbox no longer needed.

Note that this update only aimed for new users. For existing sites running Sydney with Page Builder won’t loose any applied settings. You’ll still be able to run both page builders — in case you had a separate landing page composed with Elementor.

I found one weakness of this Elementor migration. That is export existing setup with Page Builder to block system of Elementor still undone. I wish there could be a single button in the Customizer or somewhere that might sync existing widget-based content made with Page Builder and instantly transferred to Elementor blocks.